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When you’re trying to get stronger (and more importantly: feel stronger), there’s no shortage of advice you can follow. From how you move to how your fuel your body, the world is full of opinions on how to achieve your individual fitness goals. Admittedly, muscle-building supplements are among the…….

Three common mistakes to make when training chest could impact muscle growth – Daily Star

It’s not always simple trying to build muscle if you’re not eating properly or avoiding certain workouts.

But even if you have a good routine with a decent diet, you might find yourself lacking in the size department.

One bodybuilding coach has revealed a number of mistakes you should avoid when it comes to lifting weights.

Eugene Teo is an Australian coach who certainly k…….

How to Isolate the Chest for Muscle Growth | BOXROX – BOXROX

You want a better-looking chest, but are going through a few problems. Learn how to isolate the chest for muscle growth with these techniques and tips.

You can be strong, but still not have a pumped-up chest. And if you want to change that you need to learn how to isolate the chest for muscle growth. Jeff Nippard has a few ideas for that.

Jeff Nippard is a natural professio…….

Maria Trading to supply Korea’s muscle growth device in Arabian Gulf Region – Korea Biomedical Review

Maria Trading, a trusted distributor of medical aesthetics products in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has signed an agreement with a Korean company, Coous Global, to supply Coresculpt 2CH, which helps build up muscles.

Maria Trading was founded in 2004 and has since delivered promising aesthetics devices, botulinum toxin, and laser medical devices from Korea to local countries. …….

Why you should add cardio to your strength training routine for muscle growth, says trainer – Business Insider South Africa

Cardio makes you fitter which helps you recover from strength training.

Cardio doesn’t prevent muscle growth and can complement resistance training.Cardio makes you fitter, which helps you recover better from strength workouts, personal trainer Luke Worthington said.The best type of cardio to do is one you enjoy.For more stories go to

Cardio and strength trainin…….

The 4 Top Supplements For Muscle Growth, Stamina, And Endurance — Bike Hacks – Bicycle Times Magazine

Everyone knows that eating a healthy and balanced diet and lifting weights are key when it comes to growing your muscles and building your strength.

Though, what many people may not realize is that using muscle-building supplements can help improve their endurance and enhance the impact of their workouts. When paired with resistance training, these supplements can boost your g…….