Check out the best ingredients to put into your lean shake!

We all love our shakes, either pre- or post-workout, but it can be challenging at times to really nail down what the best ingredients are to put into a lean shake. The dangers with these shakes are that we can put too many things into it, and while it may taste great, what happens is an excess of calories that we just don’t need. So while a lean shake seems like a good choice, the wrong ingredients can make this anything but lean.

Using protein or other shakes as a way to lean out or bulk is a smart choice. Ultimately, it gives us an enjoyable way to take in a ton of nutrients without feeling like we are stuffing ourselves with endless amounts of chicken and spinach. But, with this, comes the unfortunate sneaky weight gain if the wrong ingredients are put in.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ingredients to put with our lean shake. The right approach to making one of these treats can pay off in the long run and once you have that great recipe nailed down, you never have to worry again about too many calories in your lean shake.

Benefits Of A Lean Shake

When it comes down it, a lean shake provides for a host of benefits that you will love and enjoy. Benefits of a lean shake include:

  • Assist with weight loss by pumping you with great ingredients to keep you full and not add crazy amounts of calories.
  • Boost muscle growth with adequate amounts of protein to really give you the best chance at building real muscle (1).
  • Increase recovery by refueling and recharging those muscles so they grow, but also repair for faster bounce back (2).
  • Tasty options to give you something you can enjoy while still receiving awesome benefits.
  • Convenient way to get nutrients for all of those on-the-go needs.

Best Ingredients For Your Lean Shake

Let’s take a look at some key ingredients to elevate your lean shake to …….


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