You want a better-looking chest, but are going through a few problems. Learn how to isolate the chest for muscle growth with these techniques and tips.

You can be strong, but still not have a pumped-up chest. And if you want to change that you need to learn how to isolate the chest for muscle growth. Jeff Nippard has a few ideas for that.

Jeff Nippard is a natural professional bodybuilder who shares tips and training programs on his YouTube channel. In one of his videos, he shared his tips, dos and don’ts on how to isolate the chest for muscle growth.

“I think the best way to build a big strong chest is to build up a big bench press. And if I had to include just one accessory movement it would probably be a weighted dip,” Nippard says at the beginning of the video.

However, perhaps you have disproportionate pecs and you want to know how to isolate the chest for muscle growth. Check out the video below.

At the end of the video, he talks about 2 common mistakes you need to avoid.

How to Isolate the Chest for Muscle Growth

Horizontal Shoulder Adduction

In other words, you should do flyes.

Performing primarily horizontal shoulder adduction is the first lesson on how to isolate the chest for muscle growth. This will work on your pec major and anterior deltoids.

This exercise mimics the pattern of the bench press or the dumbbell press except with the flye, your elbow angle is not going to change throughout the movement. This is going to take the triceps out of the movement and isolate the chest.

Source: Total Shape

Shoulder Flexion

Perform flyes starting the movement at the bottom and raising your arms above shoulder height.

You can target the upper chest more by adding a shoulder flexion component by raising your arm up a little bit, like in a front raise.

It is similar to the incline bench press movement, but again with the locked-in elbow angle, it forces you to perform more shoulder flexion targeting that clavicular head.

Internal Rotation</…….


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