Maria Trading, a trusted distributor of medical aesthetics products in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has signed an agreement with a Korean company, Coous Global, to supply Coresculpt 2CH, which helps build up muscles.

Maria Trading was founded in 2004 and has since delivered promising aesthetics devices, botulinum toxin, and laser medical devices from Korea to local countries. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in the medical aesthetics industry by providing products to more than three countries, including the UAE, Oman, and Iraq.

Coous Global specializes in medical devices, manufacturing high-performance aesthetics and physiotherapy equipment using a magnetic field, focused ultrasound (HIFU), Piezo type extracorporeal shock wave (ESWT), and radio-frequency.

Maria Trading has signed an exclusive contract with Korea’s Coous Global to supply the latter’s medical aesthetics device Coresculpt 2CH to Arabian Gulf Region.

CoreSculpt is a device that contracts muscles up to 36,000 times for 30 minutes in one session using a magnetic field and helps recipients develop muscle with increased muscle fiber and hypertrophy.

By using CoreSculpt, people can train and see improvement in their rectus abdominis muscle, a pair of muscles that run vertically up the front of the abdomen, and the gluteus medius muscle located on the surface of the pelvis. The two muscles are one of the largest muscles one can find in our body.

With the growth of the abdominal and gluteal muscles, recipients will find a more elastic body. In addition, the muscle growth in the abdomen and thighs will naturally burn fat around the area.

Recipients can receive the therapy comfortably while lying on a bed, as the medical device does not use invasive treatment, such as skin incision or needling. The recommended treatment interval is to take twice a week for four to six sessions.

Starting with the recent exclusive contract, the two companies plan to exchange opinions on developing high-quality and high-performance medical devices through close cooperation and expanding the supply to more countries in the Middle East market.


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